Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Moving right along...

You can't steer a parked car!

(I've been saying this to myself a lot this week!)

"If you want to become creative, you need to continually become a beginner."
 ~ Julieanne Kost

I got Photoshop cs6 for Christmas, this year.

LORDY! Just when I felt like I was really swinging along with Lightroom - I'm totally lost again. And, yet! I can't think of anything better to do than to challenge oneself and grow - to shake things up! It's just.... how many things DO you think one can learn in one day?!

Well, very deep thanks goes to Kim Klassen and her skinny-mini intro to Photoshop! My eyes were crossed when I first opened it up - complete panic! =P But she is very soothing and clear and helpful! Below, you will see an image that I may have completely ruined but.... well, I'm driving that car and moving forward!
(chuckle! =])

There's something else that I've been fiddling with... free lensing! Fun but hard! It kind of gives the feel that a lensbaby does.

I gave links to two very helpful tutorials on my new Facebook page...

it would be so fun if you would/could join me there!!! =]

This is from my first attempts at free lensing. I call it 'the french tea room' because, somehow, it reminds me of a tea room with a definitely gritty french flare that I went to, ages ago, in New York City.


Moving right along... =]



  1. You are driving along very well. I find Lightroom intimating and use Aperture instead, thought about getting CS6 earlier this year and in the end only installed PSE 11. Hope you enjoy the roads you travel in drivers seat. Jen

  2. I'd say you are cruising along just fine! There's definitely a learning curve associated with PS, but you will get there. As for the free lensing, I LOVE that last image! Awesome! xoxo

  3. I'll stick with Lightroom, thank you!!! (I do use Elements periodically for the one or two things I can't take care of in Lightroom!)

  4. PS...what the heck is "free lensing"???

  5. Hell Katy

    I love the expression, you cannot steer a parked car. That made me laugh to think of it.

    Congratulations on your appetite to learn. It feels good

    Helen xx

  6. You have me smiling with this post. And your photos are breathtaking. Don't you just love Kims classes. She has helped me out so much. Looking forward to seeing more..


  7. Hi Katy! Wow you are really jumping in with both feet, aren't you!! I'm so happy to hear you found Kim's classes! She is THE best! I took her Round Trip (Lightroom) class last fall, and learned soooo much! Now I just love it so much! Your photos are always beautiful, beautiful! No, you didn't ruin the one you edited. :) Such a lovely post! You always brighten my day. xx

  8. I love these soft, atmospheric images, Katy. I suddenly have an urge for a proper cup of tea :)

  9. Love that pictures, so full of romance!!! HAPPY VALENTINE,

    hugs Jade

  10. Your photos are always outstanding and so beautiful! You have a gift! Blessings, Bess