Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Words can be so elusive...

Yup! That's right! I have no idea what to say.... hmmm...

Oh! I know!

Just a very few scattered thoughts...

There is this old, wild rose bush that [used to] run rampant down by the shed. It was a bit of a monster but a sweet, delicate, gorgeous, fragrant monster.... that grew like billy-bonkers every year. Tom attempted to remove it, apparently. When it's not in bloom it just blends into the general, overwhelming greenness of summer and it took me a while to realize that it wasn't there anymore. I think it will come back, though! =]

The thing is, when it blooms, every single time I walk out the door, my subconscious has to figure out why life is so heavenly. When it blooms, there's a delicate scent on the air that must reach all the way to the pond.

When I photographed the roses on the book, I thought that I would use the print in my Mom's old Cassell's French dictionary for scale but, afterwards, I realized that this is a silly thing to do - the print is TINY!

Life is very pleasant, these days.

and that's what I'm thinking.


(working on adding words to an image in Photoshop through Kim Klassen's skinny-mini class. =])



Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Warm Hospitality

The table on a cold winter's evening....

The classic table...

Candles in the dark...

 A wintry table...

Katie Quinn Davies once asked a very good question on her blog:

'If you had your own cookbook, what would you want it to be all about?'

What a fun question!

(A dangerous question because it makes a girl start to dream.... =])

I'm not a great pastry chef - or any kind of gourmand or die-hard foodie, at all.

What I love to death - always have - is offering hospitality!

And that is what my 'cookbook' would be about. ;-)

I love Susan Branch's motto: 'from the heart of the home'!

It's interesting. I was talking to a friend about getting back on course with exploring some food photography and she made the keen insight that it's tricky to capture an image that is hospitable.

Just thoughts!

Anyhoo, switching topics at the speed of light!

I LOVE my tripod!!!

(...just wanted to shout it out! ;-) )


yes, there were some extremely pleasant and warm moments spent around this table with the family and a friend or two! =]

...and,  quite honestly, it was just as much fun to have a moment alone - myself, my camera and that table!

and, of course, I always have well wishes... =]

I hope your winter is just as warm and sparkling, these days, too!